The Future Looks Grimm

Okay, five-to-seven readers – I haven’t posted anything lately because we’ve been waiting to hear about some directing assignments for the fall so in the meantime I’m mostly just writing or telling people I’m writing. (I did manage to finish a script that we’re starting to show producers, but more on that in a future post.)


There is one pretty great piece of news I can confirm – I’m going to be directing an episode of NBC’s Grimm this coming season. I’m really excited – I shadowed Norberto Barba on both SVU and Grimm where he is the Executive Producer-Director of their little production empire in Portland. Also, the show’s Co-Creator and Co-Showrunner David Greenwalt has been a mentor and a friend – we once developed and nearly sold a pilot together about ten years ago – so it’ll be a lot lot lot of fun playing around with those guys.

Not to mention, it’s a show I watch and really enjoy – the cast is great, the story is fun, and I’ll get a chance to work with some great visual effects, special effects, and stunt teams. I can’t wait … but I’ll have to because that’s not happening until January.

There is one additional piece of news – there’s another show that it looks like I’m slotted to direct, but I’m going to wait until it’s one hundred percent official before I share that one, just so I don’t jinx it. It’s hard to do too much writing with my fingers so firmly crossed, but I’m going to get back to it. Or tell people I’m getting back to it, which is much easier.