New Thing

Brief post here – tomorrow morning I head down to Atlanta for my first day of prep on Finding Carter. Just getting some last second packing and my own prep before I head down.

Directing this show will present a series of new things. A show I haven’t directed before (or have shadowed on), a new cast and crew that I haven’t worked with before, new network, new city – not to mention a shorter shooting schedule and the penultimate episode of the season. (Some of the plot and emotional elements have been leaked to me, which is helpful of course.)

So this is a pretty great new challenge for me. But it’s not about me, it’s about the show – the most important thing is the show, to bring it to life the way the producers hoped and the way I envision it with them. (The show must go on, you know!) That’s the most important thing to fall back on – that it’s not about yourself or what people think about you or how you’re doing moment to moment, but about the story, the characters, the series and the emotional reality of the character.

That, and going to parties. Tomorrow is the Finding Carter season premiere party which coincides with my first day on the show. Coincidence…? Yeah, coincidence.

Anyway, dispatches from Atlanta forthcoming – stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “New Thing

  1. Hello,
    I wasn’t sure where else to connect with you. I purchased some copies of American Made years ago and have loaned them all out. I can’t find them and would love to have one for teaching. How can I can a copy asap, or a download? Feel free to connect with me directly via email. Thanks!

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