Carter Eve

Brief update to you, six readers. Night before I start production on Finding Carter. Prep has been good, but short. Today we had a very compressed final day of meetings and table read type events that would’ve happened earlier but we held off until we had an updated script – which we got on the weekend. Now we’re dealing with some location shuffling so, you know, par for the course.

What has been hammered home to me, repeatedly, about this show in particular is that there isn’t a lot of time during the shoot for very complex setups. As mentioned here before, this show only has six days to shoot – compare that to the major network shows that have eight or nine days to shoot, and generally the same amount of material.

So that means I’ve been trying to simplify while at the same time still make sure I’m telling the story well and in an interesting way. It’s a new challenge – hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off with this more than capable crew and production team. Will try to do some things with high speed (slow motion) and some interesting dynamic angles. We’ll see what happens.

Daily haiku-like updates to come, starting tomorrow.

Once again, I’m incredibly grateful that someone’s giving me the reigns of their show and generally speaking, I can’t believe I get to do this for a living. To quote my favorite coach and favorite team/alma mater, Who’s got it better than us?



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