Finding Carter Shoot Day 5

Okay, six readers – brief update on Day 5 of Finding Carter Episode 223.

Longest day so far. We knew it would be, according to the schedule. Every shoot has at least one day like it, so no surprises there.

To start the day we had a long scene (actually two scenes combined that overlapped an act break) with several members of the cast. That ended up taking longer than expected. The rest of the day went more or less according to plan, including a nice steadicam shot that moved through a couple rooms. But the day was the most challenging so it’s good to have it behind us.

Two more days to go!


2 thoughts on “Finding Carter Shoot Day 5

    1. It’s scheduled to air December 15. It was called “The Sheltering Sky” but sometimes these names change before they air so I don’t know if that will be the name come December. Tune in!

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