Finding Carter Shoot Day 7

Final day on Finding Carter. Although it was Day 7, it was technically Day 6 – I had two half days. And I’m writing this two days later and back home in LA. Regardless – final day of the episode and it was a challenging one. But one I was looking forward to, in part because we had a small stunt to film. I can’t say more for fear of giving away plot points to fans. (Not that any would be reading me, but you never know what with the internet and all.)

We also filmed on a handful of built sets – very well built temporary sets by the show’s great production designer Jeff Pratt Gordon.  We were in a pinch with location and schedule changes, and he built some great sets that excellent cinematographer Brad Lipson lit beautifully and looked really wonderful.

And then it was over.

This was the first show I’ve been on where I knew no one on the show. Well, turns out not exactly no one. In 2008 when I was an ABC Directing Fellow, I shadowed director Gary Fleder on October Road. The assistant director on that show Jay Tobias and I got along  really well. Turns out, he’s the AD on Finding Carter and when I got to Atlanta we discovered we still had each others’ numbers in our phones! Amazing to come full circle.

But the point is that I had not shadowed on this show before, never worked with this studio and had not known any of the actors or anything like that – heck, I’ve barely been in Atlanta before. So it was a true “guest” directing experience. Hope to have more of those as time goes on, especially if they go well like this one did.

I believe I left creating more friends than enemies, too. Now we edit the thing together and see how it turns out.


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