Before the Storm

Monday is my first official day of prep on Scandal. I know – hard to believe.

As you know, five readers, I’ve been shadowing on the currently filming episode 510 as a way to watch how they do it in Scandaltown* and it’s been fun. The crew is incredible – professional, welcoming, good natured. Tom Verica is just a great director and boss (he’s the “producing director” which is the in-house director and an executive producer – much of how the show runs from a production aspect is his domain) and he makes it look easy.

Which is one of the drawbacks of being on set too long with him – watching the master on his home court was perhaps lulling me into a sense of ease, or a false sense of security. His work with that crew and cast will be different than mine with the same crew and cast. It’s important for me to hang on to at least an iota of panic. Daryn Okada, the cinematographer for my episode and who I watched work with Tom on episode 510, said it’s better to say “concern” than “panic.” He’s probably right. But the point is to maintain that little edge that keeps me thinking and planning, as opposed to sitting back in the chair with the sense that everything will be fine.

That complacency is a surefire way to fail. So I’m going exercise… concern. And have fun.

Slate, with my name on it. I should take more of these type of photos in general.
Slate, with my name on it. I should take more of these type of photos in general.

Here’s a random photo from Finding Carter, my episode of which I believe is still in post production, though I’ve now gone to Scandaltown and don’t know for sure.

More updates to come, starting next week from Scandaltown.

*No one says “Scandaltown” and that’s not a thing.


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