Scandal Shoot Day 1

My five loyal readers are perhaps familiar with my haiku-like posts of shoot days. I usually don’t have time to go into detail about the shoot, nor am I really allowed to share too much about the storylines of a particular show. So I’ll just write a few cryptic descriptions after each day to recap what went down.

Spent all day in the White House. Good reasonable day to start. Half the regular crew was out wrapping up episode 511 elsewhere.  Got a chance to do some interesting stuff, including a long walk-and-talk and creative use of foreground elements. Sidenote: It’s so much fun being in this world that I’ve watched for years.

Now I get a weekend to finally prepare for the rest of the shoot – long week coming up, and by the end of it we’ll be 66% done with the episode (if all goes well). More updates on Monday night.


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