whitestag2576Tomorrow is my first day of prep on Grimm. I came in a few days early so I could get settled here in Portland. (It is, of course, raining.) Just a few days ago I delivered my director’s cut of Scandal and now I’m here on the next show which is really cool.

I arrived on Friday and was brought to set where they were starting on the episode before the one I’m directing. It was great to see the cast and crew again – many of whom remembered me from when I shadowed Executive Producer-Director Norberto Barba in December 2013, two seasons ago.

Also, I already have my script – several days before I actually start work. This is the earliest I’ve ever gotten a script for any show I’ve worked on, so that’s already good news. Major kudos to the writing team for getting this ready so soon.

The Grimm writers and showrunners are based in Los Angeles, but they frequently come up to Portland to oversee production – and they happened to be here when I arrived, including co-creator and my co-boss for the next few weeks, David Greenwalt.

David Greenwalt (left) and Jim Kouf, Grimm co-creators and my bosses for the next few weeks.

Ten years ago, David and I were writing partners, developing a pilot that we very nearly got made. He’s remained a friend and a mentor since then. It’s hard to convey how grateful and excited I am to work on this, a show I love and for someone I’ve cared about for years. It’s going to be fun – a lot of work, but fun.

Anyway – time to get to work.


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