Two Mistresses

I didn’t really get a chance to write about this, but hey, I’m directing another show! And hey, it’s starts this week! Mistresses on ABC. It’s Season 4 of the summer show and I’m directing episodes three and four of the season. I just got the job last month so I’ve been catching up on the previous seasons leading up to my episode.

This poster is two seasons old – Alyssa Milano isn’t on the show anymore. Season 4 poster not out yet I believe.

The production does what’s known as “cross-boarding” where one director directs two episodes at once. They schedule locations that are in both episodes – say a coffee shop or bar or whatever – and shoot everything in that scene at once. This is the first time I’m doing this, so it’s that’ll be a fun new challenge.

They also shoot in LA – sort of. They film at these newer studios in Santa Clarita in the outskirts of town. So it will be a bit of a commute, but I’m excited to do these two Mistresses … the show. It’s important to add “the show” whenever talking about Mistresses on ABC.

Also, this past week I delivered my director’s cut of Grimm. There’s still a long way to go in post production, what with the visual effects and all. It’s a lot of fun going seamlessly from a fantasy procedural show to a soapy drama. That’s the fun of being a hitman director in TV.

Speaking of the mercenary life – the episode of Scandal I directed was supposed to air this past Thursday. But the preceding episode before mine was split into two (!) episodes. Likely because it went long and they liked a lot of the material, but that’s pretty amazing. So now it’s going to air March 10 – which means “Sharat Raju Shameless Self-Promotion Week” will be pushed to next week.

Now I go work on preparing for my two Mistresses The Show.


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