Grimm Airs Today!

Tune in at 9pm Eastern/Pacific for the Grimm episode I directed – “Inugami” with great guest stars Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Keiko Agena and Matthew Yang King!

This guy does stuff in the episode. (Photo courtesy of NBC.)

Mistresses Shoot Day 14

Final day of the longest TV shoot I’ve yet done. Although it was for two episodes, it was essentially putting together one long 2-hour movie over two weeks of shooting. The final day was part of a double-up day – the incoming director started shooting his Day 1 and this was my final day. Mostly straightforward scenes that we had to finish quickly because we had a lot of them. Finished up at night with a couple of pieces of coverage that we had to save until now. Spent about 6 weeks with the same people – I’m going to miss them.

Mistresses Shoot Day 12

End of the week and first day shooting two days on a new set built to look like a re-purposed warehouse. Re-purposed for what I guess I probably can’t say. But we had about 60 extras and gorgeous lighting set ups. It was a lot of fun, and not a lot of pages shot, but complicated work. The cast and crew are all such good sports – it’s a lot of fun.

Two more days to go, including our biggest day coming up on Monday.

Mistresses Shoot Day 10

Lots of inventive sets this day. Started the day in a cleverly used facade – the front of the production offices – for a walk-and-talk scene. I did something like that once for Finding Carter, re-using office facades to fake a location. The art department did a great job dressing it to look like a place in perhaps Beverly Hills or West Hollywood and not a production office in Santa Clarita. But it was incredibly windy so that was a challenge. Then we finished shooting in that makeshift set I described yesterday and continued on to finish with a night exterior on the tiny backlot city street at Santa Clarita Studios. Long day.

Mistresses Shoot Day 9

We spent pretty much all day in a strange little set on the lot. It wasn’t exactly on a sound stage – it’s an annex to a building that was re-purposed into an office set. It looked good but it was hot, even with air conditioning pumped into the room in between takes. Also had a chance to rehearse a scene that has some music playback for something we’re doing later on, so that was fun. It has been fun being part of a show early in the season while sets are new and we get to showcase some new sets that will be used later in the series.