From the classic Fresh Prince video “Summertime.” I picked this image because it has a random guy wearing a Michigan hat in it.

Summertime and the living is easy. (I know it’s technically spring still so no letters please.)

I finished editing my two episodes of Mistresses last week so I’m more or less done with directing work until the late summer (though I did find out that they’re writing a new scene for my episode so I’ll go back and shoot that in a couple weeks).


Will spend my next few weeks writing our untitled Kohinoor script and finishing that soon. And generally, I’ll be working to get my act together for the fall – which means watching shows to catch up or to see what I’m getting myself into.



What I’m getting myself into is: How to Get Away with Murder (August-September), NCIS: New Orleans (December-January) and Scandal (again! February 2017). A couple other possibilities as well so fingers crossed. Two new shows for me and one new network (CBS for NCIS: NOLA).

Regardless, it’s pretty amazing. I’m especially grateful for the second shot at ScandalĀ – that’s going to be so much fun returning to that family.


February 2017.

Hopefully I can keep up this pace but if not, I’m going to continue to enjoy the hell out of it.