Obligatory July Update

The great set built by the art department and lit by the gaffer and camera department for the concert scenes in my second episode of Mistresses.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m updating this space because I don’t really have any new news to report. Just that both episodes of Mistresses just aired and that was fun – both turned out really well.

Bad cellphone photo of our set filled with extras watching the band.

The second of the two had a big concert scene that was a blast to shoot. We had more than 100 extras, nearly all the main cast, and a number of guest stars in one big “club” set that the art department built. Also, the season just wrapped for Mistresses so I got to see the cast and crew all at the wrap party, which was fun.

Obligatory slate photo.

But alas, the directing life moves on. The next month I’ll be cramming in episodes of TV in advance of my fall work, as well as writing. So likely no major updates going forward, five readers, until I start on How to Get Away With Murder in six weeks.