The Sequel

Ten years ago, we finished making Divided We Fall. I figured that was probably the end of working on the film, save for advances in technology that allows us to do things like share the film for free online a decade later.

We told the story of many people in the aftermath of 9/11, but mostly we told the story of Balbir Singh Sodhi’s family after his murder on 9/15/2001. When you finish a film you figure you are finished with the film. And when it’s a documentary, you don’t except to make a sequel.

Well, fifteen years later, the story has a new chapter. I’d recap it, but Valarie does a much better job doing so on Public Radio International’s “The World.” Listen to the radio story because it’s amazing.

And then watch this video – Rana Sodhi talking to Frank Roque, his brother Balbir’s murderer,

The whole thing is overwhelming and here’s nothing more I can really add to it other than to say – I’m glad I was a tiny part of making this possible. Really, it’s mostly Valarie who was there at the beginning and all throughout.


How to Get Away With Murder Shoot Day 10

Final(ish) day. Double-up day with the unit splitting to start on episode 307 and finish on ours, 306. We got bogged down in a new set, though, and had to kick one final scene to tomorrow – so my final day ended up being my penultimate day instead. Which will be fun to come in, do one scene, and say goodbye to the entire crew. Back at it tomorrow for a brief scene before wrapping up.

How to Get Away With Murder Shoot Day 9

Penultimate day of filming. Filmed mostly in Annalise’s house and we ended up with a scene in a bathroom which somehow seemed fitting.

This definitely was the first time I’ve directed someone who is on their way to the Emmy’s. Viola Davis, first ever African American woman to win an Emmy for best lead actress – which she won last year – is on her way to the Emmys on Sunday for a second one. I really hope she wins because man is she awesome. I’ve had so much fun directing her on this show.

Weekend to refresh and finish up strong on Monday. More then.

How to Get Away With Murder Shoot Days 5-8

Yeah, so I forgot to update this site. Basically, we filmed on the stages and did things that we can’t share because the nature of the show. Also, I forgot because the train keeps going.

Yesterday, though, the family came and visited the set, including the kiddo so that was a lot of fun. He got to meet the entire cast and crew which was a blast. Back at it tomorrow!

How To Get Away With Murder Shoot Days 1 and 2

Combined recap of the first and second days, both double up days shot at the same time as the outgoing episode. (I realize now that these updates for the entire show will be even more cryptic given the secretive nature of the serialized show.)

Shot mostly on the same set for two days. Days started off slow with the split crew and a tight set, but we finished without too much damaged. I managed to kick over the same end table set dressing twice, once on each day.

Back in one of our main sets tomorrow.

How To Get Away

Tomorrow I start Day 1 shooting How to Get Away With Murder. It’s a big show – 10 day shoot with a chance it’ll go longer. The script is ambitious but the crew and cast are top notch.

Still, even though I’ve now done this a bunch of times (eight, to be exact) I still have trouble feeling like I’m totally prepared. It usually takes the first scene or at some point on the first day to really start to feel comfortable and get a sense of how the crew works as a unit. The DP Michael Price is someone I’ve admired since I shadowed onĀ October RoadĀ in 2008, and I’m returning to Shondaland so it’s the same family – but yeah, always a little anxiety starting a new show. Maybe that’ll never go away. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Okay – daily haiku-like updates to follow (I hope) for you, my five readers. Onward!