How To Get Away

Tomorrow I start Day 1 shooting How to Get Away With Murder. It’s a big show – 10 day shoot with a chance it’ll go longer. The script is ambitious but the crew and cast are top notch.

Still, even though I’ve now done this a bunch of times (eight, to be exact) I still have trouble feeling like I’m totally prepared. It usually takes the first scene or at some point on the first day to really start to feel comfortable and get a sense of how the crew works as a unit. The DP Michael Price is someone I’ve admired since I shadowed on October Road in 2008, and I’m returning to Shondaland so it’s the same family – but yeah, always a little anxiety starting a new show. Maybe that’ll never go away. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Okay – daily haiku-like updates to follow (I hope) for you, my five readers. Onward!


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