The Catch Shoot Day 10

Final day, part of a double-up and split crew. Worked on the stages and got a visit from my lovely family who brought cupcakes adorned with Chicago Cubs logos in advance of my trip to see them play in the World Series immediately upon wrap. (Pictures forthcoming – of the cupcakes at least.)

Solid end to a mostly fun shoot. Now on to post, a few weeks of, and then the next show in December.


The Catch Shoot Day 9

Spent a short day with three scenes, overlapping with the incoming episode so we had a split crew also known as a double-up day. Just about a half day of work which was nice. Final day tomorrow.

Didn’t get a chance to watch How to Get Away With Murder from last night or Criminal Minds from the night before but sounds like they went over well.

Criminal Minds Airs Today!

Hello, five readers! My episode of Criminal Minds airs today on CBS. It was my first show for CBS and was a lot of fun to do. I won’t be able to watch it – or to write a more extensive post here – because (a) I’m still working on The Catch and (b) the Chicago Cubs are in the World Series.

But I really loved that cast and crew, especially fellow Chicagoan and Cubs fan Joe Mantegna. He’ll probably be watching the Cubs, too.

Tune in – 9pm Eastern/Pacific!