The Big Easy

In New Orleans about to start my first day of prep on NCIS: New Orleans. I’ve been here for a week enjoying one of my favorite cities on the planet.

I’m really looking forward to working on this show – the cast is great and they do a lot of fun things like ride in fan boats on the bayous and shoot on the water and from helicopters. And New Orleans is featured very prominently in the show – the diverse locations and people and energy. So it’s going to be a blast, and good to get back in the saddle after about a month behind the computer.

Not-quite-daily reports to come.

For now – here are two unrelated photos of me on the set of How to Get Away With Murder in which I appear to be enjoying my job.


(I do enjoy my job, for the record. In the left photo, I’m with Alfred Enoch who plays “Wes.” In the right, I’m with Aja Naomi King who plays “Michaela.”In both photos, I’m the old one.)


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