Once Upon A Time Shoot Day 6

Filmed in the woods at near freezing temperatures in the morning for a long scene. Before the sun comes up, Vancouver in January is very very cold, by they way. Once we were adequately frozen, we moved inside to the stages to thaw out and finish up the day with an interior scene, mercifully. Finished early so I earned at least one day of gratitude for the crew. I’m sure I’ll spend that goodwill before too long. Tomorrow we’re on location in Storybrooke.


Once Upon A Time Shoot Day 4

After a long night on Friday, we started this week on stage with a big scene. “Big” in this case means a lot of actors and extras over a few pages. Then a much smaller one with two people on a fun interior set that looks like an exterior.


Not actually part of the set, but in a real gift shop on the street where we film Storybrooke exteriors.

We’re five days deep into prep on Once Upon A Time here in Vancouver. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

Canada has bald eagles too, everybody.

Sure there’s been the usual meetings, casting sessions, driving around looking at possible locations (including seeing about a hundred bald eagles at one location).


Because this show has so many fantastical elements, it requires a lot of conceptual art and artistic renderings of props, wardrobe, sets, and visual effects. It’s the first show I’ve worked on where I’ve gotten to work with a storyboard artist to visualize a few action and VFX sequences. So that’s been fun – and fun to work with this team that’s been doing it for six years.

Two more days of prep and then we start shooting. Here is another photo of Vancouver because why not.

One of our locations on the tech scout. It won’t look like this when we’re shooting because it’ll be at night. And with fewer people wearing modern day clothing.
Slightly blurry shot of bald eagle in a tree. Mind you, my episode has nothing to do with bald eagles, I swear.