Happy New Year, five readers! After holiday hiatus I’m back in New Orleans about to go out and shoot tomorrow, Day 1 of NCIS: New Orleans. Spent a good deal of time over the break writing and finishing up a script that maybe I’ll talk about in another post.

But now I’m back in NCIS mode. It is absolutely pouring with a possible tornado coming tonight so that should make our day exterior work tomorrow morning interesting. This entire shoot is going to be a lot of fun, though. Good action, interesting story so hopefully I’ll bring it all together. Daily haiku-like updates coming up.

This begins a long stretch of directing, pretty much non-stop until April. I’m incredibly grateful that now, a little more than two years after directing my first episode of television, I have been able to have a pretty good streak going with more work coming in the foreseeable future. So here’s to a good 2017 of more storytelling and magic making.


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