Arrived yesterday in Toronto for my second directing job in Canada of 2017. It’s also my second straight job of working on a fictionalized version of Washington, DC – just finished editing Scandal (#Scandal100) and now starting on the penultimate episode of Designated Survivor‘s first season.

Today I walked through the sets and it’s a little disorienting going from one version of the White House’s West Wing to another, let me tell you. But a lot of fun to play in this version of Washington for the first time. More updates to come, my five readers.

Other news: My portfolio site is up and running again, updated with (nearly all) the television episodes I’ve directed: Enjoy!



Scandal 610 Shoot Day 11

Final day. Always bittersweet leaving the family. Strange day with three units shooting at the same time so I started the day with one exterior scene and then had a 6-hour break in the day before finishing a final interior night scene. It was a lot of fun but now it’s on to post production.