Season four begins!

For me at least – my fourth season directing episodic television. (Does the first season even count if I really only directed two episodes of one show? Sure, for the purposes of this blog update, let’s count it.)


It’s Season 13 for Criminal Minds, though, which is where I’m headed tomorrow. I’m happy to return to a really great crew, cast, and well-oiled machine they have going here in LA. Last year, you’ll recall my five readers, I didn’t even know I was directing the show until the day before – which would’ve been today a year ago.

This year, quite the opposite. I even have a script already so we’re off and running before I even start prep. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

This season is divided into halves for me. The first four shows I direct this year will all be shows I’m returning to – Criminal MindsOnce Upon a TimeScandal and Designated Survivor. So that’ll be a nice way to ease into the season before I direct three news shows – Good Girls (new for everyone on NBC), MacGyver, and Quantico with a second Designated Survivor sprinkled in there.

After nearly three months of writing and recovering, I’m excited to get back into the swing of things directing television. Updates to come as we go along.



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