Once Upon a Time Again

Went straight from Criminal Minds to Once Upon a Time so I didn’t really have a chance to update. We’re now about half way through prep with a few more days to go before we start shooting later this week.

It’s been a lot of fun coming back – but it is like coming to a brand new show. Almost the entire cast is new and much of the crew has changed. Hard to believe I was just here in February. Anyway, it’s a fun new challenge and really great to be part of this rebirth of the show.

Cryptic updates to come!


Criminal Minds 1304 Shoot Day 1

Sorry for the lack of updates during prep, but rest assured, this story in this episode of Criminal Minds is definitely unnerving.

Haiku-like updates to come, as usual.

It was a unique start of a show for me. I had a sudden and shocking death in the family that forced me to quickly leave town and quickly return after the funeral in Chicago. The funeral coincided with my first day of shooting, so producing-director Glenn Kershaw directed the first few scenes and I continued on into our night shoot.

I’ll write more about this later perhaps after we wrap and I have a bit more time. But the production day went as usual into the night at an abandoned house near downtown Los Angeles. Back tomorrow for more night shooting on a remote location. Good to be back working with this crew after doing so this time last year.