Once Upon a Time Again

Went straight from Criminal Minds to Once Upon a Time so I didn’t really have a chance to update. We’re now about half way through prep with a few more days to go before we start shooting later this week.

It’s been a lot of fun coming back – but it is like coming to a brand new show. Almost the entire cast is new and much of the crew has changed. Hard to believe I was just here in February. Anyway, it’s a fun new challenge and really great to be part of this rebirth of the show.

Cryptic updates to come!


Criminal Minds 1304 Shoot Day 8

Final day of episode 1304, my second Criminal Minds episode. All day on the same new set we shot in on Friday. Bittersweet once again leaving this great cast and crew. But I had only a few hours to reflect because of a 4am pickup in the morning for a flight to Vancouver and day one of prep on Once Upon A Time. More detailed update in prep to come.