Once Upon a Time 706 Shoot Day 7-9

Final cryptic recaps of the shoot.

Day 7 – We finished our time in the woods on a really cool set with some fun visual effects and the like all day. Nearly ran out of daylight but was able to finish thankfully.

Day 8 – Two smaller scenes followed by a big scene on the show’s massive green-screen set. First time I got to shoot on it – didn’t have a scene there in my previous episode so that was fun.

Day 9 – Final day shared with another 2nd unit shoot. Only a pick up shot from a previous scene we needed to get, and then a small scene followed by a major one with two of our main characters. Went out with a bang (don’t read into that – there was no actual bang).

Now, heading back to LA for meetings and editing and then prep on the next one!


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