I guess it’s time to share this news: we sold a pilot to NBC.

I’m forgoing exclamation points because that would take up the remainder of this blogpost. Needless to say we are over the moon with excitement and gratitude. Valarie and I first conceived of this concept about eight years ago. About seven years ago, we brought on our dear friend Tafari Lumumba to write it with us.

Over the ensuing years, we tweaked and reworked and revisited the story and the central concept (sorry – I’m in production otherwise I’d go into more detail about the story now but perhaps in a couple weeks so in the meantime read the Deadline article above).

Fast forward to this year, where we found America Ferrera and her company who introduced us to Sunil Nayar who became our showrunner and we formed a team that pitched the show to the studio (our studio now I guess!) Universal Television and then pitched it to NBC who is now our network (all of this is very surreal).

Anyway – “sold a show” actually means that right now Sunil is writing the pilot with the network and studio’s input (and ours) and nothing happens when/if/until the network greenlights it to become a pilot.

So there’s still a long way to go, but it’s insanely exciting. By the end of the year, we’ll know our fate. And before that, more details will come from me, I promise! (Okay, one exclamation point.)



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