After seven days of prep and a half day of shooting Good Girls, production wrapped for the year. Begin hiatus!

Out of the country with the family for a couple of weeks before I fly back right after the new year to continue on with the show. Prep has been as usual – lots of driving in a van looking for locations dominates our days followed by meetings and the like. Great crew, some of whom I’ve worked with before on other shows.

What I didn’t count on was the cold and the snow (!) – including one day where the city shut down because of several inches of snowfall. I expected this in Toronto when I was there for Designated Survivor but not ATLANTA.

Anyway, I’ll spend the hiatus prepping for the show and reflecting on what was a second straight incredible year of directing. Seven episodes this past calendar year, a pilot in development, and a few more episodes to come early in 2018. It’s been a good stretch, that’s for sure.

If I have time, I’ll attempt a pictorial recap of 2017 like I did for 2016.


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