MacGyver 219 Shoot Days 1-4

Finished the first half of production on this episode of MacGyver with a rare Saturday night shoot. Much of this show shoots on location so we already did some of our bigger scenes, including a stunt where we did things to a car, part of a house, and another where we did things with squibs and gunfire. I can’t say more for fear of spoilers.

But it’s a fun show to direct with another great crew. We’ve got about four and a half more days of shooting, including a big one on Monday on location and a VFX heavy sequence later in the week.


DIY or Die

Been in prep on MacGyver here in Atlanta and I’m super glad my New Year’s Resolution didn’t include updating the blog more consistently. One more day of prep tomorrow and then I start shooting on Wednesday.

The title of this blogpost is a great tagline I saw on a MacGyver poster that I thought was clever. Lots of fun action and home-made devices/explosives/solutions to problems, as you might imagine. I will try get better with my Haiku-like production updates from after I start shooting.

Good Girls 107 Shoot

Happy New Year, nine followers!

I realize that I did not do my usual haiku-like daily recaps of this episode of Good GirlsI have no excuse other than post-holiday malaise and general production fatigue.

I just wrapped shooting. It was a lot of fun – I have three more scenes I have to finish that I’ll pick up in the following weeks. But I move on from this family to the next. Lots of wonderful people, including crew members I have worked with in the past on other shows and with some really incredible cast.

It’s the first time I’ve worked on a first-year show this early – only the seventh ever episode – and the first time I’ve had the chance to work on a show with a lot of humor in it. It was a blast and hopefully it’ll come together nicely.

On Monday I start prep on MacGyver also here in Atlanta. Hopefully a few more substantive updates will come. My blog resolution is to update more faithfully. (More of a hope than a resolution.) Will try my best – the show rolls on!