Fast Forward

Okay, so I guess some time has passed since I wrote that last update. Basically, since I wrapped my episode of Fear The Walking Dead, I went back to Austin to shoot one more day. Then I was asked a few weeks later if I could come direct second unit/re-shoot/insert unit to help them wrap up FTWD Season 4.

That was last week – and it was interesting. I hadn’t shot any thing like that before except for my own work – and definitely not for five episodes worth of shots spread over three days. It was a fascinating exercise in extreme attention to detail, precision, and collaboration with a small (well, TV small) crew to get very specific on a photo double’s hand as it holds something or close on a wall cracking or grabbing a knife or hands tied or feet or well you get it it’s very detailed and needs a trained professional to navigate so enter yours truly. Basically, we watched a lot of clips on a tablet and tried to match the lighting, location, angle, and action as best we could … over and over and over again. Like I said – it was interesting!

So now I can say I’ve officially wrapped Fear the Walking Dead and can continue onward with barely updating this blog. No TV directing jobs until August so back to the ol’ drawing board/blank Word and/or Final Draft document for me.

I’ll attempt to at the very least update this blog again before the end of the year.