Criminal Minds 1407 Recap-ish

Well I didn’t do my usual day-by-day or block-of-days haiku-style recap of my Criminal Minds shoot. There were a number of factors for my delinquency. First and foremost being that while I was shooting we were moving into a new home. (Unsolicited advice: please don’t do this.)

Second – we had a relatively challenging first week of production. Four straight days of location shooting in Downtown Los Angeles, then Koreatown, then at a local university that were very intense. Even more so than usual, with a lot of stunts, extras, and limited daylight. So each day was a sprint in the first week.

The second half of the shoot last week was mostly on stage or on sets built in our studio parking lot so we had a lot more control and a lot lighter workload.

Anyway – wrapped my third episode of Criminal Minds and tonight it’s the show’s 300th episode ever. Which is truly amazing. Not sure what will happen later this season or beyond – they have 15 in what is usually a 22-episode run per season – but I’ve enjoyed my time learning and working with a really great team of actors and crew.

On to post and scant updates to follow.


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