Homeward Bound

Wrapped up Criminal Minds 1407 post recently and had a few weeks to do life-related activities. But now, I’m heading out for the next gig.

This one is in Chicago and I’m insanely excited. First of all, the show is Proven Innocent and I’m directing the seventh-ever episode. Has a great cast including Russell Hornsby, who I directed in Grimm and met 18 years ago when I was a casting assistant on Gideon’s Crossing. Also stars Kelsey Grammer, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Second, the show intersects with criminal justice and reform in a way that is compelling and engaging.

But I’m mostly excited about getting a chance to direct in my hometown for the first time! Aside from some documentary shoots with no crew and my days 20 years ago as an audio and production assistant for a small video company, I’ve not had the chance to work with a Chicago crew in my hometown. Even the character in the show’s fictional home is in La Grange, which is where I lived from age 1 day to 1 year before my folks moved to Darien – where I lived for 20+ years after that. The production offices are less than five minutes away from my father’s old office at UIC.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Just hope I don’t get distracted by seeing so many family and friends and experiencing the city I love and/or eating too much great food I’ve missed. So apologies, seven readers, if I don’t post frequently. This time my excuse is: busy eating.


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