Back in The Saddle

Happy 2019, seven readers!

I started the year the way I started 2015 – sleep-deprived yet grateful and excited, emerging from new-baby haze. It’s been a great nine weeks of paternity leave and watching Child The Second progress from newborn to slightly more cognizant newborn. And, like in 2015, I go out of town for my first gig.

I just returned to Austin to direct episode 506 of Fear The Walking Dead. It has been one of my favorite shows to work on and I’m excited for the opportunity to relearn how to direct to work with the same great people and do it again.

The last two years have been incredibly productive as a director and I hope for more of the same. Also looking forward for some pockets of time to write and develop new ideas and concepts. So I guess that’s sort of a resolution – carving out those pockets of time even when it seems like there isn’t any.

More updates to come from Austin and FTWD Season 5!