Proven Innocent Promo!

Here’s the promo for the episode of Proven Innocent I directed (Season 1 Episode 7). Airs this Friday on Fox (9pm Eastern/Pacific)!

This was the first time I directed in my hometown, the first time directing for Fox, and the last show I directed before Baby #2 was born. I loved working on the show and hope people are tuning in. Check it out!

Also, I realize now, that I gave ZERO updates from my time directing a second episode of Fear the Walking Dead. I have no excuse other than I had very little down time and there are a lot of mechanisms in place so I don’t spill the beans on the plot. So I guess two excuses.

In the meantime, I’ve been continuing to emerge from new baby haze while trying to write. (I have a feeling I’ll just have to copy and past that line for a while.)

Hoping to update the ol’ website with some new shows in the coming days as a way to procrastinate from writing keep my work up-to-date online.