My Final Criminal Minds

Started prep this week on my fourth and final time directing Criminal Minds. In fact, I’m getting a chance to direct the penultimate episode EVER, which is surreal. The show was renewed for a 15th and final season, which will either air in the fall or early next year.

Right now I’m not quite halfway through prep, but it’s really started to hit home for a lot of people on the crew that after fourteen years (!) the show if finally ending.

Can’t reveal anything else, but hopefully I’ll share details. Only once before have I directed a show knowing it was nearing the end, and that was Scandal in 2017-18.

Criminal Minds, however, produced three times as many episodes and spawned two spin offs, enduring seismic cast changes and production staff upheavals. I’m just happy I got to tag along at the end here.

Will write more about the experience in future.