Final Post of 2019

Boy did I completely disappear into the ether. I haven’t posted anything since this summer! It’s the final days of the year!

Man. Okay, so let’s resume. This is what happened. After directing The Walking Dead (which hasn’t yet aired by the way), I went off and directed this:

Well not that whole thing. I directed one of the early episodes of the newest chapter in the TWD universe, The Walking Dead: World Beyond (great name which is a relief because for a while the series had none). Even so, it was a blast to direct and reunited me with a couple of filmmakers who I was so happy to work with again. That, too, has not aired yet but I believe sometime in early 2020.

And after that, I directed this:

Well not that whole thing. I directed one of the early episodes of first spinoff of Ryan Murphy‘s highly successful 9-1-1 on Fox, this is 9-1-1 Lone Star. It, too, was a blast to direct and reunited me with some great filmmakers I’ve worked with before and also one of my dear friends and colleagues from film school. This, too, hasn’t aired yet and the show is set to launch mid-season, early 2020.

SO. That’s what I was doing since I wrapped The Walking Dead in July.

2019. This was my “Year of The Walking Dead.” I directed Fear The Walking Dead in February, the original The Walking Dead (aka “the mothership) in June/July and World Beyond in August. I was told I’m the first director to do all three – a Walking Dead hat trick! I assure you it was just luck and timing (there have since been at least one maybe two who now have hat tricks I believe).

TWD is a wonderful world to direct within. The crews are really wonderful, the scripts are creatively unique, the production challenging, and the showrunners and producers allow directors to truly make the show their own and allow for the best type of collaboration. I’m fortunate to go back and do a couple more coming up, with my third episode of FTWD in a few weeks and possibly more in the TWD universe in 2020.

In between, I directed the penultimate episode of Criminal Minds (which, too, hasn’t yet aired) and the third (but airing fourth) episode of 9-1-1 Lone Star as mentioned. This year was the first time I’ve directed episodes of a new series so early in its inception – season one, within the first five episodes for both Lone Star and World Beyond. I really got a chance to help build the ship as it was being launched in each case.

It was a great year for directing, for sure.

With all of that, and with New Human #2 in her first year, 2019 is definitely an unforgettable year for this guy. My resolutions for 2020 are to post at least more than five times all year (yikes!), watch more movies, and to hopefully write more. And to lose weight. Because, you know, why not stick with a classic.

Bring on 2020!