Fictional Apocalypse Only Slightly Worse than Current Actual Apocalypse

Looks like I haven’t really updated this site since our non-zombie version of the apocalypse started. As of this writing, still no signs of the undead so that’s a good sign but don’t get complacent everybody.

For those of you interested in how we create a fictional one, here is a short behind-the-scenes segment from the episode of The Walking Dead I directed that aired … when did it air? What is time any more? Was that this month? March? Boy, we’re stuck in a really strange and boring version of Groundhog Day. Anyway – this reveals how we accomplished some of the feats of cinematic daring and also shows me only a few times, mercifully.

Anyway – I’ll try to gather my thoughts about this time and what it means for our industry (as if I know) or at least what it means for my upcoming work. Gathering my thoughts would require more than just the few minutes per day that I have to my own thoughts and not tending to the thoughts of one or both of the tiny humans in our home.

But I’m cobbling those thoughts together and they’re going to be amazing!

Will update again soon. Be safe and disinfect everything.