Greetings from The Void

Updating this blog from The Void. Nothing much to report other than global pandemic, police riots, and the industry I work in shuttered indefinitely. (Well, I guess not quite indefinitely…)

My work has mostly been writing, trying to write, watching movies for a small movie club and virtual gathering I started, and attempting to update my portfolio website – which has happened to some extent. Still about four or five episodes short but not bad considering that my computer stopped working.

Also, my computer stopped working. (As did our fridge, toaster oven, and dishwasher – 2/3rds of them are back and working again!) So that halted any progress in doing things like making a reel (I should do that right), resume editing on a long overdue short film, and gave me an adequate excuse to stop writing until the computer was repaired.

Good news is the computer is repaired. As is the dishwasher. The bad news is, well, everything else. But I think I’ll be able to get back into a writing groove. I’m acting under the assumption that production on episodic TV in the US isn’t going to resume in full force for quite some time so I’ll get a chance to really really focus, concentrate, and come up with the best excuses not to be writing I can come up with.

Oh, speaking of writing. There is one major thing that happened to us. The release of this book!:

My wife and frequent film collaborator Valarie Kaur wrote this and it just came out yesterday (June 16). You can find it at your independent book seller if they’re open or sales or at Barnes & Noble or Amazon – or audio book (Audible, SoundCloud, etc) if you want to hear the author read it herself! A tiny amount of the book is devoted to our time making Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath and also running the Yale Visual Law Project, but you should buy it because it is a rich collection of stories from her life and how to enact social change.

We didn’t a chance to enjoy a book tour so we’ve been getting the word out ourselves. That means you, six readers – please get a copy if you haven’t already and enjoy reading it in The Void.

Don’t worry, we didn’t take all the available copies.