New Dispatch from The Void

There is almost no reason it’s been four months since my last update, except that I guess there isn’t a whole lot to update. I did have this episode air yesterday (Sunday) and forgot to update the blog with the teaser promoting The Walking Dead: World Beyond:

I directed this more than a year ago (when the show was still without title) and had a blast working on it. It was the earliest in a show’s existence that I worked on – I arrived as they just wrapped the pilot and got to direct the third ever episode.

It’s already aired so if you’re up for finding it on AMC or AMC’s streaming app, take a look!

Other than that, I managed to finish a pilot script and a series concept, am booked to direct two shows starting in late December (huzzah!) and finally cleaned two of the three drawers in my office cabinet. I intend to spend the next four months or fewer cleaning the final one.

Oh, and make sure you’re registered to vote: because, you know, it’s SOON.

More hopefully sooner than four months. At least one more update this year is my plan.