First Post of 2021 Feels Similar to Posts in 2020

Well so far, 2021 looks a LOT like 2020. But kinda maybe worse? Still a 2020 hangover.

I’m writing an update now instead of actually shooting, which I should be doing but for the pestilence. I start prep on 9-1-1 in December and we were supposed to start shooting this past Monday. Over the holidays, the governor and State of California strongly encouraged productions to halt for a few weeks because the extremely troubling rate of infection right now Los Angeles County in particular.

So, I’m in a holding pattern. I believe I’m finally starting to shoot on Monday, but there’s a likely chance that that will change as well. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, I’m eager to direct this show for the first time. I directed its sister show 9-1-1-: Lone Star as you may know, my six readers, that aired about a year ago this time.

It seems much much much longer than that! Since starting to direct television in the fall of 2014, this is the longest stretch I will have gone between gigs – 10 months, give or take. It’s been strange!

Anyway, more non-update updates for 2021 I promise you! In the meantime – they’re already airing promos for this season of 9-1-1! Take a look!