Dead Again

Wow, I’m really really behind updating what I’ve been up to. I realize now that I completely forgot to add a promo for 9-1-1: Lone Star that aired a few weeks ago. Well, here it is (was)!

This teaser is both purposefully scant with details about the episode and also be necessity. They had to put out this teaser far before we were finished even shooting, and certainly before editing. Anyway – already aired on Fox so… go check it on Hulu if you missed it, six readers!

And now in Atlanta in prep on a couple episodes of Season 11 of The Walking Dead again. I really enjoy working in the TWD universe so it’s really nice being back on “The Mothership.” It’s nice to be working again pretty steadily after the film and TV industry all but shut down for the better part of 2020. It feels like things are really on the upswing industry wide.

I’m sure I’ll be late on posting something in the future, so enjoy vague promises of keeping up-to-date on things in the future! Meanwhile, here’s some spoiler-free local color:

From our local coffee shop. Will report back if it’s as good as it purports to be.