What’s Happening Now?

Hello, six followers! I swear, I’m intending this to be an annual update, but a more frequent one. But that’s what’s been happening. How? I don’t know how. Just fatigue/apathy/general forgetfulness.

Anyway, what’s happening now, you ask? Or better – what’s been happening since I last posted? Boy, a lot it turns out.

The windmill on the “Alexandria” set of The Walking Dead at sunset.

Let’s see, when I last posted a year ago I was directing two episodes of The Walking Dead. Those two episodes – 1107 “Broken Promises and 1108 “For Blood” – aired way back in fall 2021. The were part of a kinda midseason finale though not midseason because this final Season 11 of The Walking Dead is broken up into three eight-episode triads. Trimesters, if you will.

If you’re into the convenience of streaming and the relative inconvenience of subscribing to 75 different services, look no further than AMC+ for both of those episodes:

After The Walking Dead – a show and universe I’ve been a part of for a few years now – I directed a new show for the first time. Both new for me and technically new for everyone, though not really.

This is how we shoot driving scenes for real on Bosch: Legacy. Actual stunt driver on top, actors “drive” below in the car. Camera mounts around the car.

Bosch: Legacy from Amazon on their new free streaming service Freevee (briefly called IMDBtv) is mostly the same as the original highly popular Bosch on Amazon Prime Video – especially according to this New York Times review. The series and the episode just came out, last week on Freevee and Prime Video, so take a look if you haven’t – I directed Episode 6.

As seen on Detective Bosch’s desk at Hollywood Division, now on Private Investigator Bosch’s desk.

It was a joy to direct the show last August. I loved the original Bosch – Amazon’s first scripted and longest running show – and was very excited when I was invited to join the team here in Los Angeles. I guess it went well because I’m going to direct the Season 2 premiere starting in July. Very much looking forward to that.

After Bosch: Legacy, I returned to New York City in October 2021 to direct something for the first time there since 2015. Back then, I directed my second episode ever and second episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This time, it was a different Dick Wolf show – FBI for CBS, Season 4 Episode 8.

There were a lot of really wonderful people I knew from SVU back in the day who were now helming the ship at FBI, including Alex Chapple – the first director I shadowed as an NBC Directing Fellow in 2013 (on SVU actually) and is now the excellent producing director on FBI. I had a lot of fun being in New York in October and we got to do some crazy things like this complex roof-to-roof chase sequence that I had a lot of free reign in designing how I hoped it would look. It turned out really nicely thanks to some great stunt-special effects-art department collaboration. (And yes stellar directing. Obviously.)

To finish the calendar year, I returned to one of my old haunts – Austin, Texas – for the Season 7 finale of Fear the Walking Dead. It was the final episode shot in Austin for FTWD after four seasons there (relocating to Georgia for the Season 8), so it was bittersweet. There are a number of Austin-area-based crew members who were working with me on that show for the last time. Just one of the all time best crews I’ve had the good fortunate to work with. First time I got to direct a season finale and it was full with the usual challenges and some unique ones given that it was the last episode of the season. It will air when this current Season 7 concludes, which I believe will at the beginning of the fall.

A “walker” on screen from The Walking Dead Episode 1107. Also how I looked while recovering from COVID.

Then, the calendar flipped and it became 2022. I began the year with a bout of COVID. Which is the way most of greater Los Angeles began 2022. Fortunately, I recovered in time to direct the second-to-last ever episode of The Walking Dead, my the third episode in Season 11. More stories to come about that (hopefully!) because it was quite a task directing the penultimate episode of one of the most iconic shows in television history.

Okay! That brings us up to now! I’m in the middle of what is one of the longer spells between episodes I’ve ever had, so I’m trying to take advantage of this time to write. Hence the updating of this – it helps me procrastinate in a productive manner. So for that reason don’t be shocked, six readers, if you see an update again sooner than later.

Epic smoke from our special effects team for The Walking Dead Episode 1108