In Release

Episodes in release are usually available at after they’ve aired.

Sharat’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead aired on September 9, 2018 on AMC – Episode 413 entitled “Blackjack.”

Sharat’s episode of Good Girls aired on April 9, 2018 on NBC – Episode 107 entitled “Special Sauce.

Sharat’s episode of MacGyver aired on April 6, 2018 on CBS – Episode 219 entitled “Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle.”

Sharat’s episode of Designated Survivor aired on March 7, 2018 on ABC – Episode 212 entitled “The Final Frontier.”

Sharat’s episode of Scandal aired on November 16, 2017 on ABC – Episode 707 entitled “Something Borrowed.”

Sharat’s episode of Once Upon a Time aired on November 10, 2017 on ABC – Episode 706 entitled “Wake Up Call.”

Sharat’s episode of Criminal Minds aired on October 11, 2017 on CBS – Episode 1304 entitled “Blue Angel.”

Sharat’s episode of Designated Survivor aired on May 10, 2017 on ABC – Episode 120 entitled “Bombshell.”

Sharat’s episode of Once Upon a Time aired on April 16, 2017 on ABC – Episode 617 entitled “Awake.”

Sharat’s episode of Scandal aired on April 13, 2017 on ABC – Episode 610 entitled “The Decision.”

Sharat’s episode of The Catch aired on April 6, 2017 on ABC – Episode 205 entitled “The Bad Girl.”

Sharat’s episode of NCIS: New Orleans aired on March 7, 2017 on CBS – Episode 316 entitled “The Last Stand.”

Sharat’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder aired in October 2016 on ABC – Episode 306 entitled “Is Someone Really Dead?

Sharat’s episode of Criminal Minds aired in October 2016 on CBS – Episode 1205 entitled “Keeper.”

Sharat’s two episodes of Mistresses aired in June 2016 on ABC – Episode 403 “Under Pressure” and Episode 404 “Blurred Lines.”

Sharat’s episode of Grimm aired April 15 on NBC – Episode 517 entitled “Inugami.”

Sharat’s episode of Scandal aired March 10, 2016 on ABC – Episode 513 entitled “The Fish Rots from the Head.”

Sharat’s episode of Finding Carter aired December 15, 2015 on MTV – Episode 11 entitled “The Sheltering Sky.

Sharat’s second episode directing network television aired February 25, 2015 on NBC – Episode 16 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit entitled “December Solstice.”

Sharat’s directing debut on network television aired November 19, 2014 on NBC – Episode 8 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit entitled “Spousal Privilege.”

His collaborative effort at the Yale Visual Law Project The Worst of the Worst wrapped up screening at film festivals and is shown at law schools around the country.

Sharat’s 2011 science fiction film, Worker Drone, can be seen on the pioneering “FutureStates” speculative fiction series, produced by ITVS and funded in part by PBS.

The two first-year Yale Visual Law Project short films Sharat co-produced, co-edited, and co-directed – Alienation and Stigma can be seen at the VLP website.

Sharat’s feature-length documentary, Divided We Fall, is available on Amazon and Netflix.

And his first film, American Made, has just been taken out of circulation but can be special ordered on DVD by emailing him.

There are several short documentaries and short works Sharat has made which can be found online – too many to post. For example:

Our Oak Creek: In Memoriam video is being shown around:

Included on the DWF DVD with 8 other short docs:

And this promotional short produced in 2011 for a charter public school in Boston:

There’s also a making of Worker Drone where you can see Sharat at “work” on the film. Check it out here and click “Making Of:”


2 thoughts on “In Release

  1. I teach a Media and Society class and would like to use the short film “American Made”(Indepedent Lens as a regular part of my course curriculum when we dicsuss media representation and secondary discourse.

    Is it possible to purchase a DVD? I cannot find it anywhere and all online links related to a production company and/or to purchasing a DVD are broken.
    Thank you very much for your help in this matter.
    Best wishes,

    Carol Cooper, M.A.
    Chair, Mass Communication Dept.
    Rochester College
    800 W. Avon Rd.
    Rochester Hills, MI. 48307
    Tel: 248-218-2033

    1. Hi Carol – the film is out of print and circulation, but if you email me separately I can perhaps sell you one of my very limited supply. Email sharat (at) Thanks.

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