The Catch Shoot Day 5

Final day of our first week of shooting. Filmed all day on stage with a makeshift “location” in a hallway of our production office. There’s a new set this year that’s really beautiful and we filmed in there for most of the day. Long week wound down with some fun stuff with props. Back at it on Monday, my five readers.

The Catch Shoot Day 4

Fourth straight day of location work, and this time in the unseasonable 100-degree heat in Hollywood. We did some stunt driving and fun things, finishing up in the studio for stage work, finally. Last of the location work and the rest of our shoot will be indoors on an air-conditioned stage.

The Catch Shoot Day 3

Location day where our incredible art department converted a large, completely empty room into the wing of an automotive museum. It was pretty incredible. Lots of expensive classic cars and things of that nature. Some additional location work tomorrow and back to the studio for the remainder of the shoot.

The Catch Shoot Day 1

After a delay in our start, we began production earlier today. Shot on a rooftop of a parking lot for some gun play and a stunt and a drive off. So a pretty complicated morning. Made more complicated by rain. A good amount of rare Los Angeles rain.

Then finished the day on location on beautifully designed (by us) hotel room. Long day to start the week, but fun.

Number 10

Tomorrow we start production on episode 205 of The Catch. Not that I’m counting (yes I am), but this will be the 10th episode of television I’ll have directed. Today we had our table read so I met most of the cast and met a bunch of the crew.

Not much more to say without giving things away, but the episode is going to be a lot of fun – both to direct then to watch (hopefully). Brief haiku-like updates to come.