The Walking Dead

So, when I last posted I wrote something, thinking that I was going to have a stretch of writing and general domestic life until the next gig.

Instead, that next gig was moved up by a few months due to a last second change in directors, so I’ve been here in Atlanta for about the last three weeks directing The Walking Dead. Known by us in the TWD universe as “The Mothership.” Having come from Fear The Walking Dead, I had a foot in this world but now I’m fully thrown into it.

I literally cannot write anything about what’s been happening these last few weeks because it would all be spoiler. But rest assured, five readers, that it’s been a lot of fun work on it. The episode is not scheduled to come out until March 2020! So, mum’s the word until then.

More months of not updating coming up!


My Final Criminal Minds

Started prep this week on my fourth and final time directing Criminal Minds. In fact, I’m getting a chance to direct the penultimate episode EVER, which is surreal. The show was renewed for a 15th and final season, which will either air in the fall or early next year.

Right now I’m not quite halfway through prep, but it’s really started to hit home for a lot of people on the crew that after fourteen years (!) the show if finally ending.

Can’t reveal anything else, but hopefully I’ll share details. Only once before have I directed a show knowing it was nearing the end, and that was Scandal in 2017-18.

Criminal Minds, however, produced three times as many episodes and spawned two spin offs, enduring seismic cast changes and production staff upheavals. I’m just happy I got to tag along at the end here.

Will write more about the experience in future.

Proven Innocent Promo!

Here’s the promo for the episode of Proven Innocent I directed (Season 1 Episode 7). Airs this Friday on Fox (9pm Eastern/Pacific)!

This was the first time I directed in my hometown, the first time directing for Fox, and the last show I directed before Baby #2 was born. I loved working on the show and hope people are tuning in. Check it out!

Also, I realize now, that I gave ZERO updates from my time directing a second episode of Fear the Walking Dead. I have no excuse other than I had very little down time and there are a lot of mechanisms in place so I don’t spill the beans on the plot. So I guess two excuses.

In the meantime, I’ve been continuing to emerge from new baby haze while trying to write. (I have a feeling I’ll just have to copy and past that line for a while.)

Hoping to update the ol’ website with some new shows in the coming days as a way to procrastinate from writing keep my work up-to-date online.

Back in The Saddle

Happy 2019, seven readers!

I started the year the way I started 2015 – sleep-deprived yet grateful and excited, emerging from new-baby haze. It’s been a great nine weeks of paternity leave and watching Child The Second progress from newborn to slightly more cognizant newborn. And, like in 2015, I go out of town for my first gig.

I just returned to Austin to direct episode 506 of Fear The Walking Dead. It has been one of my favorite shows to work on and I’m excited for the opportunity to relearn how to direct to work with the same great people and do it again.

The last two years have been incredibly productive as a director and I hope for more of the same. Also looking forward for some pockets of time to write and develop new ideas and concepts. So I guess that’s sort of a resolution – carving out those pockets of time even when it seems like there isn’t any.

More updates to come from Austin and FTWD Season 5! 

Final Post of 2018 Just Barely

A variety of events unfolded during the time of my last post until now.

Firstly, that episode of Criminal Minds did indeed air as promised by TV Guide.


Secondly, I was directing Proven Innocent in Chicago, my original hometown, heading into a final week of what was a really wonderful shoot.
Thirdly, during that week of shooting, I had a new flight booked for me every day in the event I had to quickly get on a plane to make it in time for the arrival of New Human #2 in our family.

Also proof.

Fourthly, I wrapped all but a couple of scenes, got on a plane early on my final day of shooting (in the snow!), and arrived in Los Angeles without having missed New Human #2 arrival.

Fifthly, 24 hours later, New Human #2 arrived.

Sixthly, I promptly entered a rift in the space and time continuum, brought about by the arrival of New Human #2.

Something like this.

Which brings me to now. I write to you from inside the rift.

Here in the rift, as it might be in your sliver of the multiverse, 2018 is ending. I’m taking a break … well, now only one month remaining I guess … before I direct again. It was a truly wonderful and crazy year, one in which I suddenly moved back to Los Angeles in between directing 7 shows, found a new agent, having NBC pass on our pilot and then re-developing our pilot for NBC.

Oh, and there was the arrival of New Human #2.

So yeah. Pretty good year. We’ve had a few good ones in a row. Hope I can keep it rolling for 2019.

I’d like to say my resolution is to write more frequent posts next year but I’m so certain to break that one that I shouldn’t even resolve to do it and just hope for the best.

Happy End of 2018 and Happy Beginning of 2019 and New Life.

Criminal Minds 1407 Promo and Not Exactly Status Update

I’ve been incredibly delinquent in writing anything about my experience directing in Chicago on Proven Innocent. But, needless to say, it’s been really wonderful being home and directing with a mostly Chicago based workforce. It’s been a blast.

In the meantime, tonight my newest episode of Criminal Minds airs on CBS! Here’s a very very short promo. Tune in, six readers!

Homeward Bound

Wrapped up Criminal Minds 1407 post recently and had a few weeks to do life-related activities. But now, I’m heading out for the next gig.

This one is in Chicago and I’m insanely excited. First of all, the show is Proven Innocent and I’m directing the seventh-ever episode. Has a great cast including Russell Hornsby, who I directed in Grimm and met 18 years ago when I was a casting assistant on Gideon’s Crossing. Also stars Kelsey Grammer, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Second, the show intersects with criminal justice and reform in a way that is compelling and engaging.

But I’m mostly excited about getting a chance to direct in my hometown for the first time! Aside from some documentary shoots with no crew and my days 20 years ago as an audio and production assistant for a small video company, I’ve not had the chance to work with a Chicago crew in my hometown. Even the character in the show’s fictional home is in La Grange, which is where I lived from age 1 day to 1 year before my folks moved to Darien – where I lived for 20+ years after that. The production offices are less than five minutes away from my father’s old office at UIC.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Just hope I don’t get distracted by seeing so many family and friends and experiencing the city I love and/or eating too much great food I’ve missed. So apologies, seven readers, if I don’t post frequently. This time my excuse is: busy eating.