Scandal 610 Shoot Day 8

Long day on location for some big scene. That’s as detailed as I can get. A fun start to the week.


Scandal Episdoe 610 Shoot Day 7

Long day with emotional scenes in one of our apartment sets. Finished after midnight but lots of great stuff. Now the weekend and a big scene on Monday to kick off our final week of production.

Scandal 610 Shoot Day 6

We shot all day in one of our apartment sets. But the real highlight of the day was taking this photo:

Cast and crew of Scandal at Episode 100. (Photo Credit ABC.)

We had a long lunch break to celebrate the 100th episode of Scandal (which I am currently directing). Network and studio executives, cake and great speeches about this fun, crazy, ambitious show that’s made it for six seasons – soon to be seven.

So grateful to have directed 2% of these episodes!


Scandal Episode 610 Shoot Day 3

Final day of the first week of shooting. We were at the studio lot all day on stages which, thank goodness, because the heavens opened up for probably the biggest storm I’ve seen in Los Angeles since moving here in 2000. We shot again in the White House set and a news set and another old set that can’t be named for fear of oh no I’ve already said too much. Back to work on Tuesday after the long weekend.