A Few Weeks

I’m right now in one of the bunches of weeks I have “off.” I put that in quotes because although I’m not directing, I’m definitely still working – well, if writing counts as “work” (again, quotes). A few weeks before I head to New Orleans for NCIS: New Orleans which shoots in New Orleans.

designatedsurvivor02One bit of really good news: just got booked directing what will be my seventh episode this season – ABC’s new show Designated Survivor in March 2017. Each time someone invites me to join their show I have an immense sense of shock and gratitude in equal measures.

Designated Survivor stars Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Maggie Q and American Made star Kal Penn and is in its first season – so that will be a first for me, being part of a brand new show. And to have a chance to direct another incredible cast on a high stakes story – cannot wait!

A lot of stuff happens between now and then, including my cramming on NCIS: New Orleans and Once Upon A Time and finishing this script by December. But it will be great, especially getting a chance to direct Kal again, who as you know, my five readers, was in my first film American Made. It’ll be a fun reunion that’s for sure.