Chipping Away

Nothing terribly new to report. Still cutting away at the unfinished rock that is our film The Worst of the Worst. Getting closer though.

We’re actually going to do a small shoot this weekend to film some additional b-roll in places where we think it might help. It’s great, I’ve done this before – get the cut relatively close and see what additional stuff you can shoot to fill in some gaps or to prevent you from re-using the same cutaways. This is the advantage of making a lower-budget documentary, the flexibility to keep working on it to get it right. Valarie and I did this on Divided We Fall – but there I shot b-roll with 8mm film. It was really great and I think added texture and additional artistry to the film.

So, that’s this weekend. Still hoping to shape this rock into at least an unfinished statue within the next two weeks before I go to Los Angeles.


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