Two Weeks

In two weeks, we plan on finally locking picture for The Worst of the Worst.  Now that school has started at Yale, our Visual Law team is back in action and handling a bulk of the editing. We’re hoping that infographics will be wrapped up in the next few weeks as well, one of them being created by Chuck Dulin, a long time collaborator of mine.

In the meantime, we (Valarie, Jonathan and I) have been pulling together selected clips from what we shot in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, to show to some documentary film programmers. We’re also working on putting together a handful of smaller shorts and putting them online within the next two weeks. Things were going fine, until the screen on my MacBook Pro died, thus rendering my Avid system useless. After two annoying trips to the Apple Store and a day of backing up the software, I forked over the three hundred bucks and had them send it away to fix it. I’m crossing my fingers that they didn’t have to wipe the computer clean, because it will be a huge pain to put everything back in place.

And, because of the Labor Day weekend, I probably won’t get the computer back until Friday. So that’s a whole week of editing lost. Blast it all.

I’ll keep myself occupied by writing in the meantime. In case you missed it, here is an interview I did for ITVS about American Made and Oak Creek.


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