There really is no need for me to post anything because I don’t have anything to update. I have been “writing.” Which means I’ve been doing a lot of other things instead of writing.

Oh don’t get me wrong – I’ve been making progress on this pilot rewrite. But much much much slower progress than I hoped. For example – I’m updating this space with nothing relevant, just to make it feel like I’m doing something productive.

So this is a short update here. I’m going on Tuesday to Maine for the first time to show Divided We Fall with Valarie at Colby College. For those of you counting, it’s been almost seven years (!) since we first showed DWF at a university. I can’t believe people are still inviting us to show the film! So I’ll update about that when we get back.

Also, in about ten days I return to New York for my second shadowing stint on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” (The episode I shadowed on as described in the last post, aired a few weeks early.)

Oh, and there are now pictures in my bio tab. You know – because that was important to do instead of writing. Back to the grindstone.


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