Air Date #2 = Today

I can’t believe this most recent Law & Order: Special Victims Unit I directed is already going to be on the air. It feels like I just recovered from the return flight and jet lag. But here we go, it’s about to air.

Before we begin, I’m just going to list the guest cast so you can see how amazing it was in advance of the episode:

  1. Marcia Cross – famous for her role as Bree on “Desperate Housewives” and before that became known on “Melrose Place.”
  2. Robert Vaughn – known the world over for being Napoleon Solo on “The Man from UNCLE.” I read somewhere that in 1963 the Beatles were most excited about meeting Napoleon Solo when first coming to the US – more so than President Lyndon Johnson.
  3. Susie Essman – known for her role as the f-bomb dropping Susie Greene in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and for her great stand-up comedy.
  4. Mercedes Ruehl – Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in The Fisher King (1991) and Tom Hanks’ mother in Big (1988).
  5. Sandy Duncan – the most famous Peter Pan known on Broadway, star of tons of other things including on “Valerie/The Hogan Family” late 80s series and The Million Dollar Duck (1970) which I watched on the Disney Channel as a kid.
  6. Susan Pourfar – great actor, recently known for a major and awesome season-long story arc in “Scandal.”
  7. Emily Bergl – also great actor, a star of the Showtime show “Shameless.”
  8. Michelle Hurst – great actor, known most recently from “Orange is the New Black.”
  9. Jefferson Mays – highly accomplished New York theater actor who reprises his role as Medical Examiner Rudnick for the second time ever (first time was on my previous episode).

Phew! That’s unbelievable. I didn’t even mention a couple of other performers who were in one scene each – all of whom were awesome, too. I also got to work with Peter Scanavino (Detective Carisi) who wasn’t in my previous episode. So it was fun all around.

Anyway – enjoy, eight readers! Let’s drive up our numbers by a dozen!


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