Once Upon a Time 706 Shoot Days 1-3

I realize now that I didn’t start my daily updates of our shoot days. In part because we shot into the nights on Day 1 and 2 and I found myself too tired to update. Then the long weekend came and I have no excuse other than three days of necessary rejuvenation.

But here it is – day by day, in cryptic form because literally everything is a secret this season.

Day 1 – We shot on location and I now realize I can’t even really describe it for fear of spoiling literally everything this season, but basically we shot at night and it was longish.

Day 2 – At the studio lot where we shot all day/into the late night on one new set which I also cannot reveal. There were actors there though and it was great!

Day 3 – Also on the lot to start the work week after LaboUr Day (the use a “U” up here in Canada!). Shot in two new sets I again can’t divulge. Man, these updates are going to be very lame.

More lame ones to come as the week goes on!


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