The Good Doctor – Prep


Just arrived in Vancouver to direct episode 205 of The Good Doctor. It’s a great show, just starting Season 2 on ABC. Although it’s the first time I’ll be directing it, there’s an odd sense of deja vu.

In 2017 I directed two episodes of Once Upon A Time here in Vancouver also. The Good Doctor is housed in their exact same office. Same stages, same offices, different sets. It’s very disorienting.

I’m extremely excited to do the show, in part because it will allow me to play out an alternative timeline in where I went to medical school. But also because I get to work with my long-time friend and mentor Mike Listo. I shadowed Mike on Boston Legal and Harry’s Law many years ago, and he’s an incredible and prolific director and producer.

Now, years later, I get to work for and with him on a really meaningful and moving show. I hope he doesn’t regret hiring me by the end of it.

Also – here’s a trailer for the second half of the season for Fear The Walking Dead. (Spoiler: the first scene in the trailer comes from the episode I directed so that’s cool.)

More cryptic updates to come.


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