Shadowing and Meeting

Back in LA now, shadowing Mike Listo on “Harry’s Law.” It’s really great – I met Mike when I was in the ABC Directing Fellowship and he was producing/directing “Boston Legal.” It’s awesome being back on the lot, at Warner Bros in Burbank, and especially watching Mike in action. He really has mastered television directing.

I’m here reconnecting with the crew, but also having a chance to meet NBC and Warner Bros. executives. Met three WB Execs today and will meet another one tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the team back at Yale is holding down the fort at Visual Law Project with intense production and prep for a weekend of interviews with former inmates, current prison officials, and experts. We have such a great group of people keeping it going while I’m gone, I haven’t really had to worry about a thing.

Okay, back to more meetings tomorrow and on set for Day 3 of this episode of “Harry’s Law,” which will air in January.

Later, I’ll write about the legendary sets that I walk past on the WB lot during my days here. It’s so cool.


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