The Sequel

Ten years ago, we finished making Divided We Fall. I figured that was probably the end of working on the film, save for advances in technology that allows us to do things like share the film for free online a decade later.

We told the story of many people in the aftermath of 9/11, but mostly we told the story of Balbir Singh Sodhi’s family after his murder on 9/15/2001. When you finish a film you figure you are finished with the film. And when it’s a documentary, you don’t except to make a sequel.

Well, fifteen years later, the story has a new chapter. I’d recap it, but Valarie does a much better job doing so on Public Radio International’s “The World.” Listen to the radio story because it’s amazing.

And then watch this video – Rana Sodhi talking to Frank Roque, his brother Balbir’s murderer,

The whole thing is overwhelming and here’s nothing more I can really add to it other than to say – I’m glad I was a tiny part of making this possible. Really, it’s mostly Valarie who was there at the beginning and all throughout.


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